Sarah Owes

 December 2017

Bank of America (A) - PAID IN FULL!!
Chase (A) - PAID IN FULL!!
Bank of America (B) - PAID IN FULL!!
Chase (B) - PAID IN FULL!! 
Chase (C) - PAID IN FULL!!
Citibank- PAID IN FULL!!
Discover - PAID IN FULL!!
Capital One (A) - $549.05
American Express - $2,339.93
Student Loan (A) - $4,050.29
Student Loan (B) - $4,462.68
Union Plus - $10,876.81
Student Loan (C) - $14,360.75
Capital One (B) - $14,652.53

Total Debt: $51,292.04*

Debt progress
$167,988.48 (1/1/11) 
$156,575.78 (1/1/12)
$137,326.46 (1/1/13)
$120,434.73 (1/1/14)
$92,473.65 (1/1/15)
$76,295.59 (1/1/16)
$65,486.30 (1/1/17)

* 2 debts not included in total:
Mortgage - $75,020.35
Student Loan (D) - $25,395.88 - not yet in repayment


  1. I think this is great! I too am working on getting out of debt. I am on Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover plan and have been working on my debt snowball since August 2013. I have paid off 5 of 13 bills so far, and am trekking along. I too have a blog where I post all about my TMMO journey to not only hold myself accountable, but to also motivate others. Good luck!!!

  2. I kind of know how it is to be in debt. I may only be eighteen but I owe my parents 1500 dollars because I need to pay off my half of my truck. Now my job keeps giving me less and less hours but now I think and hope it is getting more stable than it was. So good luck to you and hope we both get our debts payed in full.

  3. I can´t wait t see your next card PAID IN FULL