Friday, July 10, 2020


The past 3 weeks have been a challenge, to say the least. I had my knee replacement surgery, which has turned out to be a harder recovery than I anticipated. I've only had one other surgery before, to remove my thyroid, and I was attending a wedding two days after that. I didn't plan to be down and out much longer with this surgery. Wrong.

The surgery itself went well. It was outpatient. Started at 7:30 and I was home in my bed at 3. Home health came less than 24 hours later to torture me by bending and straightening my leg. On day 3, I started feeling really lousy. All the drugs they had me on did a number on me. For nearly a week, I wasn't able to keep anything down and pretty much slept around the clock. By the time I came to, I was behind on my therapy and PT was out to get me.

It took a solid two and a half weeks to start to head in the right direction. I was released to outpatient PT this week and the torturer there is not pleased with my lack of range of motion. I'm walking on my own without a cane or walker, so I think I'm doing pretty darned good. These people need to remember it takes a 56-year-old a little longer to recover than their 20-something year old selves.

The days leading up to surgery were tough. I had to have a required COVID test a week before and then I was to quarantine until surgery. But Mom called that weekend saying that Dad was being taken to the hospital by ambulance with chest pains. For the first time ever, I heard her voice shaking as she told me so I knew I had to get over there. She said later that she thought that was it. She had never seen him like that. So I broke quarantine to drive her to the hospital and later to pick her up as she was not allowed to stay once he was admitted. The final diagnosis was his gallbladder, which is apparently in bad shape. But given his age and medical history, the decision was to do nothing. There will probably be another attack in the future, but at least they will know what it is and will likely be able to skip the hospital.

Amid all this, DS's service dog went in for a checkup and we were told she had an aggressive bleeding tumor in her abdomen. The vet wasn't sure she would survive the weekend. She went downhill very, very fast. We spent the weekend making her comfortable and loving on her and took her back to the vet on Monday to be put down. It was such a quick goodbye amid so many other events that it almost didn't seem real. I am thankful she didn't suffer long, but the house is very empty without her. We've always had a dog, but she will be our last. It's been an adjustment.

On the financial front, I'm still chipping away at the student loan. We've been using the money from my former job to finally take care of some much needed home improvement projects. The two largest jobs are that we had the nearly 50-year-old windows replaced and we are having the exterior painted and some of the rotted wood replaced. We've always done the painting ourselves, but we decided to have a professional tackle it this time and hopefully it will last longer. I love the windows and I am sure we will see a difference in our heating/cooling bills. I could immediately tell a difference in how much noise was blocked from outside. The upside of the pandemic, I guess, is that our day-to-day spending is down since two of us are staying home all the time and the other is working all the time.

The billed amount for my surgery has topped out at more than $90k. Our insurance covers the negotiated amount in full. I am so very thankful for amazing insurance - one of the main reasons DH took this job all those years ago.

Happy Weekend, all!



  1. That is a lot of stress to navigate. I hope you can focus on your therapy and recovery.

  2. Wow not like you need one more thing. Knee surgery is very painful and hard to recover from. Therapy is torture. I feel for you.

  3. Sorry and your dog and your painful PT. There is a knee replacement in my future too....blech.
    Feel better!

  4. I've been lurking here for awhile - I found you from Simple Slug. Good luck on the knee recovery - sounds like a bummer.

    Also, I enjoy seeing others chip away at those pernicious student loans. I finally paid mine AND my husband's off this month. Hallelujah! Then I wrote an ebook about how I made side income selling used textbooks online, and applied all my profits to digging us out of debt. It seems like something this crowd would enjoy! Here's the link:

  5. Hope all is well with you and your family, Sarah. :)

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