Sunday, March 3, 2019

Too much bread ...

Hubby went to the grocery store last week. That's a scary thing, by the way. He was picking up sandwich stuff for his lunch for the week. He came home proudly telling me he had gotten fresh made sourdough bread from the store bakery and it was buy one, get one, so of course he got two loaves. I didn't pay much attention to what he had as I was tired and ready for bed, but the next morning I took one look and knew this was not good. Each loaf was HUGE - the BOGO deals at that store are typically for a small half loaf. Add to that the fact that it was not sourdough bread, just an artisan bread. I held my breath and looked for the receipt. And there it was. Two loaves. Each $5.99. No BOGO deal. He paid TWELVE DOLLARS for bread!!! While I personally think I would win in divorce court over this, I was calm when I pointed out what he had done. I also noted that when you get a BOGO deal, each item rings up half price so you don't have to buy two. And, I asked, how in the world are you going to eat that much bread in a week??

Let me tell you, he was eating that bread at a furious pace. He didn't dare leave one crumb. And I get extra points for not mentioning it again.

Meanwhile, I got a bill from a January visit to the ophthalmologist. The bill was for $149, which I thought could be correct as we hadn't met our deductible yet. I put it on my desk and the next day received my insurance statement, which said I owed $61 for the visit. I had already paid my $20 copay so by that logic, I would only owe $41. I called the doctor's office and spoke to the billing person who promised to look it up and get back to me. She called back 30 minutes later and said I was correct. I owe $41. She actually admitted that she had entered something incorrectly. But had I not questioned it, neither would she have. Just a reminder to check every single bill.

This is an expensive month. License renewals, taxes and inspections for two cars. AAA and Costco membership renewals. And $189 to the mortgage company for an escrow shortage. Thankfully no one has a birthday this month.

I get a break from keeping my granddaughter this week as my son-in-law is on Spring Break. It comes at a good time. I need a few days away from the 2-year-old emotions :) I am going to do a deep clean on the house. I actually started today and got through 2 rooms. Amazing how much accumulates in corners and underneath stored items.

Hope everyone has a great week!



  1. If I was our judge you certainly would have won your sourdough bread divorce
    Have a nice break and a good week!

  2. Men and grocery stores, do they even look?

  3. Great catch on the dr bill! It's fantastic when you can save a little money.

  4. Haha. That sounds like something my DH would do. Good thing you caught that billing mistake. Too much money to overpay!

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  6. I was hoping "that's a lot of bread" meant a lot of "money", oh well you did well keeping on top of that medical bill! I've started spring cleaning as well but only on days when I can open the windows and doors wide. So NOT today as I've notice a few flakes of SNOW!