Friday, December 28, 2018

Winding down the year

December has been the usual craziness around here. DH and DS1 are UPS drivers. Enough said. This year's volume was noticeably higher - maybe the demise of Toys R Us forced toy shoppers online? They worked 60-hour, 6-day weeks from Thanksgiving until Christmas.

Somewhere amid flinging packages, DS1 managed to propose to his girlfriend, so we have a wedding coming up in 2019 ... I think I will relish being the mom of the groom this go around :)

I took my granddaughter to see Santa at the mall. She is not a fan.

DS2 kept up his tradition of holiday kidney stones. Always a good time.

We celebrated our Christmas on the 23rd so the kids could be with in-laws on Christmas Day. It was great fun and included serious belly laughs during the Saran Wrap ball game - which all have proclaimed a new tradition. I got some gift cards that will come in handy in the new year and a set of stemless wine glasses, which will also come in handy. DH collected a pile of gift cards as tips from customers, so he's good for awhile.

Our sweet granddaughter turned 2 on Christmas Eve. The big family party is tomorrow. She will be overwhelmed, but DD insists.

Christmas Day we had my parents over for a mid-afternoon lunch. It was a peaceful, stress-free day.

I am enjoying my 2-week break from keeping my granddaughter (and hoping the potty training is complete by the time she returns). I've read books, watched some Netflix series and done some cleaning and organizing. Maybe I will be ready for 2019 ...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Thanks for sticking with me.



  1. We tried the saran wrap game as well this year, and loved it!

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Wow, it's been a while. I'm so impressed with all of your debt payment!! So awesome! It sounds like you had a beautiful Christmas! Wishing you the best in the coming year.
    I'm trying to contact my blogging friends to let them know I'm blogging again, only this time at
    I hop you'll stop by!

  3. The saran wrap tradition sounds intriguing - I'll have to google it HAH I almost typed giggle it! Sorry to hear about the other Christmas tradition - the kidney stones - SO NOT FUN! I feel for him! Happy New Year Sarah!