Friday, September 28, 2018

Counting our blessings

The hurricane that was headed straight for us took a detour. It literally circled around us, for the most part leaving us alone. Our state as a whole was not so lucky. It will be a long, long time before it recovers from this storm. We have friends and family who lost everything.

One of my best friends evacuated from her home with only what she could fit in her car. She packed it with her scrapbooks and important papers, leaving the rest behind.

It got me to thinking what I would pack if I had to leave in a hurry. DS's medical equipment would be first and that would fill the bulk of the space. I would want pictures and scrapbooks, too. Would I have time to grab them? The genealogy files I have amassed over the years. Truly, it made my head hurt to think about it too much.

The only thing we lost in the storm was the money we spent on two nights in a hotel before we were sure Florence wasn't going to make a direct hit on us. It was money well spent.


Monday, September 10, 2018

Preparing for the storm

We are smack dab in the middle of the path of Hurricane Florence - and we don't even live on the coast.

I was up at dawn this morning getting gas in the van and picking up a few needed items at the grocery store. After listening to the forecast for much of the day, I decided it was time to really get ready. In 1996, Hurricane Fran unexpectedly hit us. We were without power for nearly two weeks.

This storm is expected to be worse.

We have already had a lot of rain in the past month, so the ground is soggy. We are being told to expect 10-20 inches of rain by the weekend. That kind of rain will bring downed trees and power lines - at the least.

About 4:00, I decided to book a hotel room beginning Friday. DS cannot be without power for an extended time. He relies on nighttime ventilation, a chair that has to be charged and several other pieces of equipment. So I went online to see what the options were. I was almost too late. Nearly every hotel in the area is already booked solid, likely by my neighbors doing the same thing I am. I finally managed to snag a room for a week - not knowing how long I will or will not need it. I realize now that I should have booked Thursday night, but by the time I figured that out, there were no availabilities.

I'm taking a risk. Cancellation has to be done two days in advance, which is too early to know whether we'll really need it. All in all, it will be an enormous hit to the budget, but one that can't be helped.

I'm also supposed to host my niece's bridesmaid brunch on Saturday. Those plans are up in the air for now.

I'm just praying the forecast is wrong and Flo decides to simply head out to sea.