Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Still here - really :)

Thanks to those who have checked in on me during the past few months. No real reason I haven't posted except that life has been crazy busy as always and I never think I have much worth sharing. I have been keeping my numbers updated, though, and I read all of y'all's posts. So that counts, right?

So what's been happening around here? About the only excitement was a trip we made last minute to Dallas TX for a medical conference for DS. We hadn't planned to go as that's a loooong drive, but DS decided he really needed to be there for his job. On the upside, he brought his caregiver with us, so they had a room and we had a room and truly, we didn't have to do much except enjoy a few days doing whatever we wanted. We did some sightseeing around Dallas, went to a ballgame and, at my request, spent one day wandering around Waco seeing what was up after all the Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna hoopla. That turned out to be my favorite day. We had breakfast in their restaurant and while I'm not much of a breakfast person, oh my word, that was one of the best I've ever had. Clearly nothing frozen or pre-packaged. Fresh from the farm. Anyway, we went to the Silos and window-shopped at their store. It was a fun day. And I've never seen DS so happy as he was during the conference. He made a ton of friends his age, they spent evenings at the bar (imagine 26 wheelchairs around a table!). It was a good trip. 

I spent a good many of the lazy days of summer going through every drawer and every closet and getting rid of, well, crap. I'm not a hoarder by any means, so this shouldn't have been that big of a deal, but it's just astonishing how much stuff we accumulate in a short period of time. 

The other days I spent in physical therapy. I have arthritic knees and I was getting desperate. When I saw my orthopedist in May for cortisone shots, he suggested I try PT and see if that helped. Hey, I'm game for anything to hold off the inevitable surgery that's in my future. So twice a week, I spent an hour doing things I haven't been able to do for years. I learned how to tape my knee and found out what I was capable of physically. No one is more shocked than I am at how much it all helped. Every step isn't painful anymore and I have a ton more flexibility. Of course, it's not a permanent fix, but I'll take it. Now that I've finished PT, I've been trying my best to keep up with home exercises. That's hard - really hard for me. But I'm trying.

I also caught up on all my routine doctor appointments - physical, vision, dental. I'm good to go now. 

My daughter started back teaching this week, so I have my granddaughter again. She's 20 months old this week and, gracious, is she busy - and fast! Keeps me on my toes. 

On the money front, we took a loss in pay of about $800 a month, so have had to adjust the budget accordingly. It means that even though our debts are still decreasing, we still don't have anything left over at the end of the week. 

I was reading a story about the Colorado man who confessed to killing his wife and young daughters. It said the couple was in dire financial shape. They earned $90,000 a year and had $70,000 in debt. The story implied that the debt was so horrible that it may have pushed him over the edge. Wow. Our debt was more than twice that at its worst and our income wasn't that high. It was awful, but I have never thought of giving up. Neither has DH. It's just money, for heaven's sake. 

So if you're still reading, that was a long rambling to get through. Thanks!