Thursday, April 19, 2018

What's cooking ... or not

My oven died. Right in the middle of a batch of brownies, of all things.

So I'm keeping an eye out for a good deal and just relying on the crock pot and microwave for now. I'm not in a big hurry to get a new one, so I hope a great sale pops up.

This happened on the heels of our spring break trip to New York, which was insanely expensive and physically exhausting - wheelchairs and NYC do NOT go together. But DS had a grand time, so there is that.

Spring might have finally arrived. At least my nose knows the pollen has. I'm actually hoping it stays cool just a few days longer as the A/C is out on our van. Parts have been ordered and will likely arrive in time to be installed next week. It should all be under warranty. When I took it in, I also found out there's a recall on the van seat, so that will be fixed, too.

Adulting is hard work.

Happy Thursday all,