Friday, September 8, 2017


Thank you all for your kind words on my last post. The past week and a half has felt like 10 years and my brain is still in a fog. I finally sat down on Tuesday to catch my breath, only to get a phone call from my dentist asking where I was as I was then 20 minutes late for my appointment.

Anyway, the update on the wire fraud. He got nowhere with the bank. The account which received the money has been closed and the bank will not identify the owners without a subpoena. My son was told he had to start by filing a report with the police department in the town where he lives (even though the wire transfer took place at a bank in another town and the closing was in yet another town). He met with an officer on Sunday and shared copies of all the email exchanges. The officer then gave the information to the fraud department and my son did have a phone conversation with the detective. As we presumed, both gave him little hope that the money would be recovered or that the perpetrators would be caught ...

Next step was to file with the FBI, which he did this week. No word from them yet.

And, finally, we've decided to go after the lending company as it was there that the unsecured emails with financial information originated (despite the fact that this scam has been widely known among lending companies for more than a year and a half). This is in the early stages and will likely take some time, but we are told by others in the industry that companies such as theirs carry cyber insurance that would come into play here. We will see. At this point, all we want to do is recoup my son's money. We know that it is possible we will have to get a lawyer involved, but we are going to see if we get anywhere on our own.

This ordeal will likely go on for some time. I will post updates as I can.

Meantime, DS moved into his new home last weekend and we had a family gathering on Labor Day. It was nice to see him smiling again.



  1. You know when you have a loving family nothing else really matters. You band together and just get things done. Give your son a hug for me.

  2. Maybe going on Facebook and naming the lending company and their stupidity might help. If nothing else your son might feel better. Cheryl

  3. Your son's dilemma has made me realize I will never do a wire exchange! I hope this all works out. I do feel that you will need to hire a lawyer, though, to make the lending company liable. Without that, they will give you the runaround.

  4. I wouldn't attempt to go it alone. Get an attorney and go after not only the money lost, but also the attorney fees as well. I think this is too big to take on yourself. They may also agree to resolve it faster as by you hiring an attorney, it shows you won't back down. Hugs and please keep us posted.

  5. Good! I am glad you haven't stopped on this. And your son should be able go to the courthouse and file for a subpoena himself. Then the stupid bank can't refuse to tell him who had the account. Best of luck with this!

  6. Good luck to you - I really hope you succeed in recouping your son's loss!!