Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thanks for the kick

Thanks to those of you who encouraged me to keep going when all I really want to do is curl up and pull the covers over my head. I will get back to it. I promise.

On the sort of good news front, DH went for his final $$$ dental visit. The bill had ballooned to $1,600, and since he had already used up his insurance allowance for the year, it was on us. But when he went to check out, the receptionist (who is also the wife of the dentist) told him that they knew he had had some pricey procedures this year so they were extending a professional courtesy and discounting his bill by half. So he got an $800 break, for which I am so very thankful. It really does pay to cultivate relationships with ongoing providers.

I went out once today - for a taste test at the local university (they pay me in Target cards for a 10-minute tasting). I have $150 in Target cards saved up - I will probably just hold on to them for Christmas gifts.

Otherwise, I was a slug. It is SO hot here. Ninety-five and 100% humidity. It's downright hard to breathe and truly dangerous for DS. Thank the good Lord for air conditioning.

DS1 has asked me to go with him furniture shopping on Saturday. He is building his first house and scheduled to move in next month. As he is currently without a significant other, Mom's on deck. This is the kind of shopping I like - helping pick out fun pieces and letting someone else pay for them!

We're having salad for dinner. No way am I turning on the oven ...



  1. Thank goodness we have no humidity as it will be 106 tomorrow. I am limp from heat.

  2. We are going to hold you to your promise! Time to kick debt to the curb, once and for all!

  3. Unfortunately we have mega humidity! It was only 22c (72F) yesterday but the humidity made it feel like 33c (92F)!! Yuck. That's the kind of shopping I love too! I would love to buy some new furniture for myself but with two cats there's no point. So I do enjoy other peoples' shopping :)

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