Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Of teeth and chairs

When I wasn't looking, the calendar flipped to July. Time just passes too quickly.

It's been a low-key summer. I watch my granddaughter during the school year while my daughter teaches, but I have the summer off. I'm not sure I could do it if she didn't have the teacher's schedule. There's a reason why God gives us babies when we're young!

The bills have been coming fast and furious the past month. I blame DH for the worst of them. When he was in his 30s and 40s, he never took time to go see a dentist. At all. He's finally going again, but now he is paying the price. Well, we are paying the price. He has had to have one tooth extracted, a root canal and a crown, and that's just in June. He will eventually have to have an implant, but for now is making do with a flipper that he hates. Too bad, bud. The out of pocket price for all his dental work this spring/summer has now surpassed $3,000.

On the upside, DS's wheelchair was finally approved by insurance!!! It's been a year in the making and the chair we originally ordered isn't even available anymore. Had to bump it to the newest model. If all goes well, he should be in it by the end of the month. Meantime, I've been buying foam in bulk to try to make his seat comfortable enough for him to manage until the new chair comes. I'm not sure what our out-of-pocket expense will be for this, but whatever it is it will be worth it.

I think I have debt payoff burnout. I'm just so tired of it. I need a kick in the pants to get back to it. Anyone want to take a shot?



  1. Sorry about all dental bills. We are having "the year of the dentist" too. Not sure why, as both Hubs and I have always been fairly good about regular dental checkups.

    Fantastic news about your son's wheelchair! Hopefully it won't take too long to get it made.

    I am officially giving you a kick in the pants to get moving on paying off your debt! I know we are in the same age bracket and with retirement in our not too distance future, NOW is the time to get debt free! Re-read The Total Money Makeover or listen to some free Dave Ramsey shows. I find that always gives me motivation to keep going!

  2. So glad that insurance finally relented on the new wheels!
    This is also your official kick in the a$$. Don't look at it as $60.5K more to pay off but as "I've paid off over $107K of debt....woohoo! ONLY $60.5K to go and we are done!!!

  3. Hey, girlfriend i can't do this with out you! Get back in the game. Don't make Sluggy and I come find you because we will. It won't be pretty.

  4. I'm with sluggy on the kick! Well done! :)

  5. Thank goodness the chair was approved.

    You'll get back in gear on the debt repayment. You've had so much additional stress and anxiety over the last few months, it's no wonder you haven't had energy left over. I think when the new chair arrives and your son isn't in so much pain and making do with substandard equipment, you'll find yourself returning to your payoff plans.

  6. SO SO glad your son is finally getting the wheelchair he needs - it's shameful that it had to take so long. I don't really want to boot your butt - I think you've done wonderfully well on the debt payback and you'll get back to it again. I'm sure of that!
    I had a 7 year period of time with no benefits so didn't visit the dentist either - there was lots of work to be done unfortunately so I can relate to hubby's situation. And it sure ain't fun!!

  7. Get back in the game. Don't make Sluggy and I come find you because we will. It won't be pretty.