Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I guess he was paying attention

I went furniture shopping with DS for his new house on Saturday. He bought a sofa fit for a bachelor (cup holders, recliners, USB port) and a bed bigger than my house. He paid cash.

When we were walking through the house with his Realtor on Sunday, he mentioned what he had bought and the Realtor went white. "Didn't your lender advise you on that?" DS looked at her blankly. I stepped in and pointed out that he paid cash. The Realtor breathed a sigh of relief and explained to DS that financing furniture would have dinged his credit report this close to closing.

On the ride home, DS wanted to know who in their right mind would finance furniture??

Proud Mom moment.



  1. Congrats mom! Watching our kids make smart financial choices and decisions really makes all of the hard work work it. Proud Mom moment for sure!!

  2. I paid cash for my house. In fact, I paid cash for my two homes (one is a vacation condo). When it came time to furnish it, I bought all brand new designer furniture at 0% financing, payable over 4 to 5 years. My total bill comes to $48 a month.
    I guess that's the difference between being wealthy and poor and having to explain your FICO score to some friggin' mortgage company.

  3. Awesome! You have done a GREAT job :)

  4. I worked for a First Time Homeowner's program. We saw people rejected at closing because the last thing that happens is the person's credit score was too low due to financing a whole house full of new furniture.