Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A luxury is saving me money

A few weeks ago, things were crazy at home ... OK, crazier than usual. The cupboards were bare and I didn't have a spare hour to make a grocery store run. About that time, an offer landed in my email. I could order online and pick up curbside at a local store and they would waive the $4.95 fee.

Tell me it's free and I'll bite.

So I pulled up to the grocery store feeling like a celebrity, pushed a button and sat there like a kept woman while someone else loaded my groceries. All the while thinking, man this was a bad idea. I'll never go back to shopping on my own.

And I haven't. Except it hasn't been the budget buster I expected it to be. Turns out when I order online, I don't throw in those last-minute items that catch my attention and I just can't live without. I get what I need and nothing else. And you know what? My grocery bill has dropped a minimum of $20 a week. And I'm happier. Win win!

Sometimes you just have to go out of the box.