Thursday, February 23, 2017

This never happens ...

Received our Escrow Review Statement on our mortgage. I always groan when it shows up in the mailbox because it ALWAYS shows we owe, usually a couple hundred dollars or more, and our monthly payment goes up.

For the first time ever, we had an overage. Attached was a check for $28.81. OK, so that's not a lot, but it sure beats having to give them more money! More exciting, is that our monthly payment dropped by $25. Since we are used to the payment, I will just keep paying what we have been and the extra $25 will go toward the principal.

None of this is earth shattering in the grand scheme, but it is so much nicer to find out someone owed us for a change. And given the week I've had battling health insurance, I'll take it.



  1. Awesome!! Knocking bits off the principle will save you oodles in interest!!

  2. We were fortunate to also receive a check from our excess escrow and see our payment go down. There is a first time for everything! Since we still have a lot of debt to tackle, we are adding it to our snowball.

    1. There must be something in the air this year! Congrats on your windfall :)

  3. See there are little rays of money just like sunshine. Please post more even if it is, I cut my toe nails last night, we are interested in toe nails, really we are.

  4. That's good news! Usually things only get more expensive and rarely does anyone send me money in the mail. Every bill in the universe gets paid off in increments of $25, it just depends how big the bill is as to how many increments. Any extra at all is great.

  5. Wow!! That is unheard of in my world, somehow I always manage to owe money to escrow. Congratulations!

  6. That is fantastic news. And yes, the extra $25 will pay down the principle that much quicker and since you already budget that amount, stick with it.