Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Still here

Not sure where October went. I was mostly spinning wheels ...

Not much happening on the debt pay down. It's all sort of on autopilot and there hasn't been much extra to add. To be honest, I've lost that gazelle feeling and am not terribly focused. As long as it's still going in the right direction, I just don't have the energy to focus on it much.

Some major life changes are on the horizon. DS will graduate college in December and not sure what he will do next. He is trying to piece together a few small jobs and volunteering to fill his time. I worry about him losing a social circle when he's not on campus anymore. It's tough when your chair prevents you from going to friends' houses and they're moving on, anyway.

He found out last week that when he graduates he will lose funding for 30 hours/week of caregiving. Those are his daytime hours. He has a young man who drives him here and there and helps him out with whatever. He is crushed that this will be gone because it means that he will have to totally rely on me, which I think makes him feel guilty. As we already pay out of pocket about $15,000/year for caregivers to get him to bed, get him up, showered, dressed, therapies etc., there's nothing left in the tank to replace his lost daytime hours.

Insurance denied a new wheelchair for him so now I'm in full battle mode. His current chair is falling apart and because  he has gotten so much weaker in the past few years, it is difficult for him to maneuver. He desperately needs a whole new system better suited to his abilities.

We had a hurricane blow through here a few weeks ago. Left us without power for four days. Thankfully, a friend lent us a generator so we could charge the wheelchair. I lost all the food in the fridge/freezer, but it wasn't full, thank goodness. I had skipped going to the store to stock up - which turned out to be a good thing.

Can you tell I'm frustrated?

OK, enough whining. A lot of people have it way worse than we do.

We are less than two months away from meeting our first granddaughter! DD is doing great. We had her baby shower this weekend and, despite all the family drama, it turned out to be a lot of fun. She got so many nice things - people were so very generous. We are ready for a new baby around here!

It's still in the 70s/80s here and the leaves haven't turned so it doesn't much feel like fall. But November is one of my favorite months and I'm ready for a fresh start on the calendar.

Happy Fall, y'all!