Friday, April 15, 2016

Life goes on

Decided it was past time to check in. Life has been going at full speed and it's all I could do to keep up.

The highlights:

- Medical equipment malfunctions. DS's robotic arm had to be sent to Canada for repairs. Without it, among the many things he cannot do is feed himself. That means coordinating his meals - where he will be and who will help. The lift we use to move him to/from his wheelchair also went to kaput. We are still waiting on the part to arrive. Meantime, I scrounged until I found a loaner lift - which also went kaput last week. Sigh.

- We lost our sweet 14-year-old Bichon pup last month. He made it clear it was time and we respected his wishes. I'm still not used to him begin gone and am always surprised when I open the door and no one is there to greet me. RIP, Sammy.

- Looks like I'm heading for surgery in 2 weeks to have my thyroid removed. I've been treated for a year since a routine physical uncovered multiple nodules and hyperthyroidism. The meds aren't working and will eventually turn toxic, so it's time.

- We've put a semi-pause on the debt repayment to add to the savings. (Meaning we are paying minimums, but nothing extra.) As of now, we have $5,200 in regular savings, $750 in savings for vehicle repairs, and $1,100 in the catchall account to cover small expenses outside of the regular budget. It sure is easier to sleep at night with a cushion.

And that's about all the news there is to tell. Happy Spring, everyone.