Friday, February 5, 2016

Another one gone ...

Yep, Citibank is history. That was the last of the five cards we had in a Balance Liquidation Program (lowered interest rate and fixed payment for 60 months). And we paid every one of them off early. Pardon me while I pat my own back ...

I'm waiting on a hefty tax refund, thanks to some horrifyingly large medical expenses this year, and have plans to knock out another debt ... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

After so many years of just whittling away penny by penny, it sure is satisfying to see the big picture changing.

And speaking of years ... our daughter and son-in-law have invited us to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Thirty years. I can't even.



  1. Wow so happy for you. I know things are really going to change fast for you, I am excited and can hardly wait. Tap dancing here!

  2. Huge congrats!!! What an exciting phase for you

  3. Fantastic!!! That is so wonderful!!!

  4. Imagine me patting your back too! And maybe even jumping up and down with glee!!!