Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I received a check for a freelancing job and it was enough to pay off the last Chase card!! I am so excited to be done with Chase! I'm even more excited to see the debts finally falling off the chart! (See, Kim - I'm not sneaky. Now just keep on keeping up!)

Insert Happy Dance!


Sunday, January 3, 2016

New year, new will

The last time we made a will was 2005. Our kids were all minors and our concerns were different.

So we sat down this weekend with Legal Zoom and drew up a new one. The hardest part of this will was actually saying in print that we are disinheriting a child - especially since he is the one with the greatest needs. We cannot leave anything specifically to DS or he will lose all benefits related to his disability. And because those benefits include caregivers, which are essential, we have to be vigilant that we not do anything to jeopardize them when we are gone.

For now, we have left everything to our other two children, with a special gift to each of them that is designated for the care of their brother. As well, we are leaving them our house, with the provision that DS be allowed to live there for the remainder of his lifetime.

I cannot imagine either of my other two children not making sure their brother is cared for, but we are hoping this makes it easier on them. Since DS was diagnosed, we have made an effort not to heap responsibility on them, but in the end it will be them who are left holding the bag if DS outlives us.

I think the best thing we will be able to do for them ultimately will be getting out of debt. We will have to live a few more years for that to happen, God willing.

We ended 2015 having paid off $16,178.06. Not our best year, but I am pleased given the medical costs we have incurred. In my five years of blogging, we have paid off $91,692.89. When we started, our debt was nearly twice our income - a gap so large most financial pros advise bankruptcy. We now owe less than we make and are chipping away at that every day. In case anyone believes it can't be done, we are doing it. It just takes patience and a whole lot of time.