Monday, November 30, 2015

Kudos, Cap One

So contrary to rumor, I did not fall off the planet ...

I was out and about today when my phone rang. "Hi, this is Jane from Capital One." ... A few years ago those words would have made me throw up on the spot. Anyway, she said there had been suspicious activity on my debit card. This is not our primary checking account - that's with a local credit union. This is what used to be Ing, but is now Capital One 360, where I put my irregular paychecks to be used for expenses that fall outside the normal monthly budget items - like vacation and Christmas gifts. She read off a couple of transactions which had been declined and I confirmed that they had not been made by us. The card is in my possession, so it wasn't lost. I guess someone tried to use the number and didn't have the security code or other pertinent info so the card was flagged. The card has been cancelled and a new one will arrive in a week. All of this to say, I really appreciate Cap One's vigilance.

The biggest frustration of the past couple of months has been dealing with what looked like minor water damage to the living room ceiling after a big storm. We debated whether to call the insurance company because we have a $500 deductible and wondered whether it would even cost that much. In the end, I did call and opened a claim - our first ever with our homeowners'. As luck would have it, my brother-in-law is a project manager with a fire and water restoration company, so we called him. He and his boss came over to see what things looked like. One look at the popcorn ceiling and with the knowledge that the house was built in 1971, and an asbestos test was ordered. Results came back positive. Was there a doubt? So an asbestos abatement company was brought in, haz mat suits and all. After that was done, DH and his brother spent the next month trying to seal the leak. It was coming from the chimney so they sealed every hole and crack they could find. They assure me that they finally have been successful. I hope so. Tomorrow work is supposed to start on the room, which now requires new drywall, crown molding and a paint job from top to bottom. The total cost for the entire job is going to come in at just above $6,000. I guess filing a claim was a good idea ...

I did not host Thanksgiving this year, for obvious reasons. Hoping to be back in the swing for Christmas festivities ...

I just realized December is tomorrow - yikes!


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  1. Now I'm looking up at my popcorn ceilings and wondering what else is up there...! I had my credit card company call me once about suspicious activity and yes it is great to know they're looking for those things!