Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Never dull

I decided to take advantage of the rainy weather to work on some indoor projects last weekend. Halfway through one, I managed to slip off the stepstool I was using. I landed - hard - and it took a few minutes to catch my breath. When I finally did, I found I couldn't get up. An hour later when I still couldn't bear any weight on my left ankle, DH insisted we go have it checked out. So off to the ER we went. The nurse checking me out wanted to know where the blood was coming from. Blood? Hadn't noticed that. Turns out I had managed to do a little damage to the underside of one of my toes. One look and it was decided stitches were in order. FYI, if there's one place you do NOT want a needle, it is on the bottom of your toe. Ouch!!

Thankfully, the ankle is just sprained. I am hobbling around a bit now and glad it wasn't worse. I pointed out to DH that in my nearly 52 years, this was the very first injury-related visit to a doctor. I guess I was due.

We've already met our deductibles for the year, so I'm not expecting any surprise bills from this visit.

On to the next day ... DS had a friend driving him to an event at school. Somehow, the friend managed to damage the wheelchair lift on the van. Badly. We are still waiting for the repair guy to schedule us and I have no idea how it will take to get it working again. I'm expecting it to be expensive. Meantime, I had to get DS to school the past two days, so I was forced to rent a van. $102 a day. I'm taking it back tomorrow morning because DS will be on Fall Break and can stay home. If the repairs are going to run into next week, I'm going to look into a transportation service to get him to and from campus. The bills from this disaster could be huge. I mean really, really big.

So it's been a frustrating week. And then I see that Kim is about to bust my chops in the debt race, even though I have finally made it into the 70s. You go, Kim!



  1. Hey progress is progress. Sorry about the wheel chair ramp damage. What a pain.

  2. Ugh! I'm glad you weren't more seriously injured! So sorry about the van - I bet your son's friend feels terrible.

  3. Uhg that is frustrating! I was just looking at your student loans- just wondering if you have a different attack plan for those or if you are kinda just treating them a long with the rest of your debt?? I have a TON of student loans and have been considering different repayment plans like IBR- what are your thoughts??

    1. Amber, our student loans are actually those of our kids. They are a combination of Parent Plus loans (UGH!!) and Staffords. Meaning a couple of them aren't in our name, but we committed to covering them for our daughter before we were smart enough not to :) It is possible that she will be able to get a portion forgiven because of her profession/location. Beyond that, we have done several things. We haven't been eligible for IBR, but we do put them on a graduated payment plan (lower at first and then slowly inches up higher over the years, presumably as income grows). We have also put them in deferment to give us some leeway, but continued to make at least some kind of payment. In our case, we put any extras toward the credit cards right now and just let the student loans run on auto pilot. When we are ready, I think we will attack them one at a time, smallest to biggest. Good luck! Student loans are of the devil!!!

  4. You have my sympathies, that foot sounds painful. So sorry to hear about the van too, the worry must be awful. Is there a charity you could apply to for relief? It seems unfair that you should have to shoulder the funds yourselves. Congratulations on bringing down your debt though, looks like you have your finances under tight control.

    Naomi Cruz @ 4 Pillars

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