Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Back with BIG news!

A lot has been going on here, leaving little time for posting. I had a couple of unexpected health scares and have had two biopsies in the past month. One was benign, the second is inconclusive. I have been put on medication and will be checked in three months. All of this has required many visits to specialists, something I'm used to doing with DS, but not for myself. Can't say I've enjoyed it much.

Last week we made the two-day drive to Kansas City for the medical conference for DS. It was a phenomenal week, giving us access to doctors and researchers as well as families who face the same issues we do. DS was part of a panel of young adults who answered questions from parents of younger children. What an inspiring group they were! We visited the Truman library and museum while we were there and DH and DS went to the WWI museum while I was in a meeting. We also managed to try some of that famed Kansas City barbecue - YUM!!

It's back to the real world now. I had a meeting this morning to talk about a new freelancing opportunity. I've slowly been building my workload the past couple of years and I'm happy with the direction it's going. I still keep any income separate from the household budget and I plan to continue with that. It's nice having that cushion that isn't earmarked for anything in particular, but is there if we need - or want - to use it.

But on to the BIG news! I updated my numbers and realized that we have crossed the HALFWAY mark!!!! We now have officially paid off more than we still owe!!! Four years ago, I couldn't even imagine getting to this point. I have to believe that the snowball will just pick up even more speed now. The end just keeps getting closer - yahoo!!!!