Monday, October 27, 2014

I am so mad

One of DS's night aides is a fine young man who drives 45 minutes to get to our house for a paltry salary. Last night, he texted DS that something had happened and he would be late. This morning, he told me the story.

He has to drive through a very small town to get here. Since June, he has been stopped by the police FIVE times at the same spot. Not once has he been ticketed. Because not once was he doing anything wrong. Last night, he was pulled over along with the speeding car behind him. The officer called for backup and approached our aide's car - with one hand on his unclipped revolver. After some time, an apology was issued and he was sent on his way. There are eight officers in this town. Every one of them is white. This young man is not.

I know racial profiling exists, but to see such an obvious instance of it against someone I care about had me shaking in anger. And our young friend was scared enough this time that he has decided to take a longer, out-of-the-way route from now on. All because someone apparently didn't think he should be out at night. America still has a long way to go.



  1. Very similar thing happened to an inlaw of mine who lives in the south. pulled over at least once a week for over 6 months by the same cop for bogus reasons ('i clocked you at 3 miles over the speed limit' 'you have a chip on your windshield') never ticketed, just detained for a good 30 minutes every time. my inlaw got the badge number and went in to complain. the cops at the precinct were annoyed he came in to compain and literally told him 'whats the big deal? you never got a ticket, you were always let off with a warning" as though there was anything to be 'let off' from he threatened legal action, and it hasn't happened again. but, yeah. the supreme court, and anyone else who thinks racism doesn't exist anymore is dead wrong. it's alive and well.

  2. Call your congress man and complain. Use his ethnic background and raise hell, it will work beleive me. that town will be shut down. Also call Senator's office and Attorney general in your state it will help.

  3. I would manage for you to be in the car with him or following closely behind. Being in the car is better. Get the badge number and explain the guy works for you, caring for your son. THEN, start complaining to anyone who will listen. This is no coincidence as they will say for the same man to stop him and let him go. This is outrageous.