Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kim is calling me names

Yes, Kim is calling me a sneak for updating my totals and not posting. I'm just impressed she went and looked! You see, we are in a race to get out of six figures. I know we are going to make it ... and I know it will be sooner rather than later. Come on, Kim, we have so got this!!!

I haven't posted in awhile. I've been fighting battles to keep services for DS. He turns 21 next month and, apparently, the forces that be think that adults with disabilities need FEWER services than children who have parents to care for them. As of this morning, I appear to be losing the battle. Contrary to everything his new case manager has told us, he is set to have his caregiving hours cut in half tomorrow. I've talked to everyone under the sun and have gotten a different answer every time. Now, after months of paperwork to make the transition, it looks like a fire has been lit to get him processed today. And it leaves us in the dust.

You know, I see parents micro-managing the lives of their kids who are college age and older, and I wonder what the appeal is. I would love to be able to send my child off into the world and let him face it on his own.

Yeah, in my dreams.



  1. That has to be so frustrating, becasue the powers that be just don't understand and don't care. He might have to do his own fighting. Is he capable of arguing his own case? This seems to work for my friend who had disabled triplets. One was fine, one wheel chair bound and one severe. The wheel chair bound was over looked by SSI and services becasue she was articulate and intelligent. Keep fighting. I will pray for your cause even though you are a sneak.....

  2. The paperwork with these kinds of things take a long time. My son is 16 and disabled. He qualifies for assistance, but its based on my income, which puts him above the income guidelines. I don't know what will happen when he's considered an "adult". I hope it works out for your son. Best wishes!.

  3. Only $3369 to go! I understand your situation. In Canada adult services begin at age 18!! Students can remain in highschool until age 21 but their homecare services, support worker hours and recreational opportunities really start to disappear when they turn 18. It's very unfair.

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