Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's summer!

DS is out of school, DH is on vacation ... and schedules are out the door!

DH is working his way through the to-do list while home this week. Lots of little things around the house that don't get done because he works such long hours. (We took the afternoon off yesterday to use free tickets to the minor league baseball game :) One big project: replacing the vapor barrier under the house. He and our older son will tackle that one together. I'll serve iced tea.

It looks like DS really is going to get nursing care - probably starting the end of June. That's perfect timing as he/we can adjust before he starts back to school in August. One source will allow him 30 hours a week, which he is going to use for daytime hours. He is in the process of hiring several students for driving duties and general help while on campus. We expect the other source to provide many more hours which will be used for nighttime care and bathing/dressing etc. Home health aides will be hired for those roles. It's a lot to take in and will take some getting used to, but there are perks on all sides. DS will gain some independence from us, and we will suddenly have freedom that we haven't known since he was born.

We still need to see how it plays out, but right now he only has a commitment for a student to drive him home from school and to cover driving him to evening activities. That leaves him with a choice for getting to school. Either I can take him as I have been doing, or he can have the local bus service take him (they offer door-to-door service for disabled riders). Either of those scenarios would alleviate the need for a third car as I would still have the van for most of the day. The student would not pick it up until late afternoon.

In other good news, it's almost the end of May and we have not used a credit card this year and I haven't had a soda since early February. Who would have thunk??

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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  1. Good news all around! I bet DS is happy and excited to be getting more independence - no one wants their parents to be looking after them at that age :) Woot woot on the soda!!! I didn't harp on it before but it is so BAD for you not to mention the cost. I'm so proud of you! And the C/C non-use for 5 months?? Miraculous! :)