Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I love Super Doubles week!

Today starts Super Doubles week at Harris Teeter - meaning they will double coupons up to $2. I have a stack of $2 meat coupons which will double to $4 - yippee!

Harris Teeter is one of the priciest grocers around here, but their meat is excellent quality and I can often find some good deals on their marked-down items - $4 off already marked-down will be a steal! I'm going to do some serious stocking up over the next few days.

Happy Hump Day ...


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Oh sleep, how I've missed you

It's been a long week with several big medical appointments for DS and long nights as DH was out of town and I was on my own for the nighttime treatments/turning routine. We even had a day of sleet thrown in there. (Am I the only one who is totally over winter?)

On the very bright side, we may have made significant progress in getting DS approved for overnight nursing care. I hesitate to be overly optimistic, but the thought of DH and I being able to get some rest after 20 years of not sleeping through the night has gotten me pretty excited. The person I spoke with last even said we wouldn't be responsible for handling any of the finances and wouldn't even owe a co-pay. Lots of prayers have been going up around here this week...

And now I'm going to get ready for what promises to be a beautiful day before winter returns tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring has finally sprung!

It was a catching up kind of weekend. I was running low on cleaning essentials and some grocery items. Target had a great coupon in last Sunday's paper that was good for a week - spend $50 on cleaning supplies and get $20 off. Plus, you could use manufacturer's coupons on top of the big one. I was able to get 2 big packs of paper towels, 1 pack of toilet paper, Cascade dishwasher tablets, 2 large bottles of Dawn, mega bottle of PineSol and Clorox wipes. Final cost was $24.78.

Next up was grocery shopping. I do my big shopping at Wal-Mart and then pick up miscellaneous items that are better prices at the other stores near me. I'm lucky that I have so many choices within a 2-mile radius. I went to get a gallon of milk at Wal-Mart -  $4.08!! I couldn't do it. Just couldn't. I checked Food Lion: $3.89. Better, but then I remembered seeing something on the weekend deals at Harris Teeter. $2.79 - score! While I was at Food Lion, I picked up some ground beef marked down to $2.59. I had a $2 coupon for meat, so ... 59 cents. Woo hoo!

It's the little things that make my day :)

DS is on Spring Break, which means I won't have to fill up on gas twice this week. Oh, and today it's going to be ... wait for it ... 76 degrees!!!!

For a Monday, this one is shaping up to be OK.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

... And the new month starts out on a low note

Hubs' car died. Kaput right there on the interstate. He had a hard time willing it to make it to a safe location. Called AAA for a tow (I don't know about you, but we get every penny and then some out of that membership) and me for a ride. The shop called the next day and the news wasn't good. It needs a new transmission. If you know anything about such things, that's about the priciest thing to replace. We're talking about $3,500. Ouch.

You might remember that I mentioned some time back that I've been doing some freelance work the past few months and have been throwing that and other miscellaneous money into a separate account with no particular use in mind. Some readers thought that was a mistake and I should be using it to pay down debt. Guess what it's going to be used for? I'm sorry that I'm having to spend it on car repairs, but glad I didn't let it get absorbed by the household budget.

Mostly, I'm ticked off that we're having to replace a major part on a Toyota Corolla with 110,000 miles. Those cars are supposed to last longer, aren't they?

Life happens. Sometimes not the way we planned ...