Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday morning catch-up

My back was acting up the past couple of days, so I was laid up a good part of the weekend. It's a recurring issue, the unfortunate result of being a 24/7 caretaker of a growing young man for nearly 20 years. All the nighttime turning and wheelchair adjusting takes its toll. Thankfully, it was the weekend so hubby was around to let me rest. I'm feeling pretty good this morning, so hoping it has passed for now.

Saturday's mail perked me up. I got a small check from a local consignment shop for a dress I left there well over a year ago and had totally forgotten about. Also in the mail were a couple of checks from the beer rebates I send in routinely. I love unexpected money!

And now, I am off to pay the price for being out of commission for two days while the boys ran wild ... They did try to clean up, but ... yuck!



  1. Your positive attitude cheers me up!

  2. Yes, sometimes the "clean up" is worse than the "mess up"!! Let's hear it for unexpected money - you can't beat that!

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