Monday, April 1, 2013

It's April - no fool!

I, for one, was glad to flip the calendar this morning. The first three months of the year were a struggle on several levels and I'm glad to put them behind me. DH and I dealt with some big health issues, including DH having surgery at the end of February. Aside from the obvious, we were hit hard financially. DH works a lot of overtime and that, of course, evaporates when he's out of work. He was home for four weeks and not only was his paycheck smaller, his manager screwed up and for two weeks there was NO paycheck. We finally got it straightened out, but boy did it hurt in the interim!

But DH is back to work, the bills are paid and it's going to be 73 degrees today! Life is good.

I've said before that groceries are a tough expense for us. We have four adults living and eating here. DH and I usually eat all three meals from home (I pack a lunch for DH). Our DS's typically eat 1-2 meals and all snacks here. It's no secret that grocery prices have gotten out of hand. I looked back at earlier posts and I had set myself a goal two years ago of spending $150 a week. It sounded high, but it was a definite cutback from when I wasn't paying attention.

This morning I added up what I have spent monthly on groceries so far in 2013. Here's the rundown:

January - $661.30
February - $790.76
March - $598.94

That averages out to about $158 a week. So, not too bad. I was happy to see I was within spittin' distance of my original goal.

How is everyone else doing with goals you have set?



  1. Wow, you've had a tough 3 months! I always find those first few months hard too - my paycheques are at their lowest due to renewed deductions coming off until around July. Gas prices have been crazy and food prices too. We've cut our grocery bill down by doing something rather drastic - I no longer buy MEAT! When Michael craves meat he'll buy something but other wise it's lentils, quinoa, kidney beans etc. I know that's not for everyone but it's cut our bill by at least 30%.

    1. Jane, you're right about meat! It's crazy expensive. I remember when I would never spend more than 99 cents a pound for anything! I have a bunch of meat eaters around here, but I have cut way back. I shred the chicken instead of giving everyone their own piece - that has probably cut a meal serving in half. That's awesome that you have given it up totally and dropped your food bill so much!