Friday, March 15, 2013

The tax man taketh his time

I'm big on filing taxes early. Nine years out of 10, we get a refund of some sort. My FIL works for H&R Block and does our taxes for free. I got him all of our info in early February and he got to work immediately. He e-filed Feb. 15.

Unfortunately, this year we required Form 8863 - which should be a good thing because it gets us an education credit. But this year there was a glitch in the system and everyone who filed mid- to late February and had that form has been held up. This week, we got an email saying someone, somewhere, is working on it, but it could be April before we see our refund.

I wonder if Mr. Tax Man would so patiently wait on us if he were the one on the financial receiving end? Somehow, I doubt it.

Oh, well. At least a check will be coming ... eventually.


1 comment:

  1. I used turbotax and thank God it didnt hold mine up since I was chomping at the bit to get it. I hope yours comes soon.