Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So when the A/C guy was here last week, he said the dual element fuses needed to be replaced - 2 of them - and quoted a price of $203 to get the job done. I declined and he shook his head as if I had lost mine.

I spent this morning on my computer trying to figure out two things:
1. What IS a dual element fuse?
2. Is this a DIY job that can be done for less than this guy wants?

I fairly quickly came up with a site and had an email address, so I snapped pictures of the fuses in question and sent an email, asking whether this is an easy replacement. Within minutes, a nice man named Joe called me and told me to NEVER pay $203 for new fuses. I asked a couple questions about how these things are installed - no different than popping batteries in a remote - and whether he had any to sell. He did.

Total cost? $28, with shipping.

Seriously? I know people have to earn a living. But the guy was here anyway and we're talking a job that takes 10 seconds, max. I mean, it's so easy even I can do it!

Next up, replacing the flapper in the toilet. Geez, it's quite the life I lead ...



  1. Good job in asking the questions to determine if it is DIY. Can you take a photo of the new fuses and where you are replacing them, this is something I need to learn?

  2. YouTube is also a wonderful tool when fixing things. My husband is a plumber but he's taught himself off of Youtube many things.

  3. I love the fact that you check. I always do too. Good job!

  4. Great job checking into it more! When our furnace stopped working a few months ago DH tried everything he knew to see what it could be but we ended up having to call in a repair guy. We had used him a couple of times, but not for many many years (just no problems!). The part and labor cost $180 and he told me a couple of the big name repair companies in the area charge people like $800 for the same exact thing! We all sure have to be careful not to get ripped off, don't we?

  5. But just think of the hourly rate you saved! I managed to replace my utility sink in the basement(it wasn[t pretty with my 5 yo nephew helping) by using youtube!

    My theory now is to try myself and then call for estimate and then get online and see what happens

    I am uber impressed and proud of you...! You go girl

  6. Good on you!! You inspire me to try more DIY projects! I have done a few flappers in my time - it's not too bad of a job:) Good luck!

  7. Very Inspiring ! Good Luck !


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  9. I deleted my comment because something went wonky and it posted wrong. Sorry!

    I was saying that it is amazing what you can do yourself when you are too broke to hire someone to do it. Last year when I bought my house, the master bath was carpeted and it was nasty! From youtube, I learned how to remove the carpet, clean up all the mold from the subfloor, prime the subfloor to prepare it for new flooring, and remove the 30+ year old Harvest Gold toilet. (Which I never put back in, because it was gross. I plugged the toilet pipe and we have just been using the downstairs bathroom). Imagine if I had hired someone to do all that!

    Go, us!

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