Thursday, March 7, 2013

Car inspection - fail

I was second in line this morning to have the oil changed and state inspection for the van. Took about 15 minutes before I was called over to "chat." The van didn't pass, I was told, because the wheels ... blah, blah, blah (imagine Charlie Brown's teacher talking). I seriously consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but I feel like an idiot when discussing automotive issues.

Good news, I'm told, is that it is not a huge deal and they can get it done in less than an hour. Do I really have a choice here? I can't get the license plate renewed without a valid inspection. And, I guess there really is something that needs to be fixed.

Thank goodness for the emergency fund. We keep it in our Ing, er, Capital One 360 or whatever it's called now, account, and don't use that debit card for anything else. I was able to cover the $235 charge with the emergency fund - because I decided this was an emergency. So we're $235 poorer, but not more in debt. That's called putting a positive spin on the situation.



  1. Well, it is definitely a positive sign. That sort of thing is what emergency and murphy funds are all about. I know I HATE to have to use any of my savings to cover for things that the fund is made to cover, but as you said, it's better than taking on debt.

  2. Think about this, you had the money to pay for the needed tires, and didn't have to borrow from somewhere else, incur more debt or interest. Good for you!! You are going to look back at this and be thankful that the money was there!!

  3. I know that we should all have a car fund, but when you are trying to get out of debt we can fund ourselves right into the poor house. This is what your EF is for. Luckily it wasn't really bad. We don't have inspections out here. But we do have rock chips and broken windshileds on the logging roads.

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