Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ticker recommendations?

I've been using Ticker Factory with moderate success since starting this blog. I've hit some snags, but for the most part it does what I want it to do. I like the visual of seeing my debt progress - slow that it might be - at the end of each post. Alas, TF no longer likes me and won't let me update. You should know it's killing me not to be able to make that bar move after sending in a debt payment!

Do you use a ticker to track your progress and like it? Because I think it's over between TF and me. Time to snuggle up with a new fave.



  1. I've used Dollar Times in the past with good results.


    1. Thanks! I forgot about dollar times - I use them for the EF in the sidebar. I'll check to see if they have a better graphic I can use for posts.

  2. I use my own I saw at another blog. It's very easy to update and doesnt carry any links. Shoot me an email and I can email you the code.

  3. I use stats counter. keeps the ticker and lets you view your traffic. free version and paid version. I have the free one.

  4. I use dollar times as well for my side bars but didn't know they had an on-your-site dollar bar!! Going to check that out!