Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's the little things ...

Yesterday, I had several errands to run. Given that the bank account is nearly empty, I wasn't looking forward to figuring this out. First on the list was CVS for a prescription refill for DS. This particular medication costs nearly $300 a month out of pocket, but because I routinely call the manufacturer and sign up for a loyalty card, it costs me $20. The card is good for three uses and they let me have a new one each time a card is complete. So I'm very thankful that I only pay $20, but I was really going to feel the pinch this week. When my name was called and I went to the counter to pay, the cashier handed me the bag and said "no charge." I'm sure my blank look gave me away, but he repeated that the balance was $0. I just nodded and walked off, my "free" meds in hand. I don't know why this visit was free, but I'm really not in a position to argue.

Next up was heading to Target to pick up a turkey breast on sale for Thanksgiving. Their flyer said 99 cents a pound, which was the best I could find by far. Good thing I went then, too, because there were only four left and the sign said "limited quantities." The sign also had a tag that said $5 Target gift card with purchase. I didn't read it closely, grabbed my bird and headed for the checkout. When it was rung up, no mention was made of a gift card, so I asked whether I got one with the turkey. The cashier asked how much and I said that the sign said $5, but I didn't read the fine print, so I don't know whether I'm eligible. He didn't blink, but handed me a gift card. I later learned that I was supposed to have bought a $29 pan to go with my turkey in order to get the card, but I figure I asked - I didn't demand. I've decided not to feel bad.

All in all, I came home pretty happy. It's the small things, right?



  1. Wow, that's awesome that they gave you a zero balance! Wonder what's that about? But I'm just like you. I wont ask any questions. And very nice on the giftcard too! Around here, I've seen turkeys go as low as $0.45c/lb with a $35 or $40 purchase.

    1. I've seen turkeys lower, too, but I was buying just a breast since that's all the family eats anyway - I figure the higher price works out in no wasted food!

  2. Sarah, it is karma. Good for you! You deserve good things.

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