Friday, November 2, 2012

Holy cow - it's Jenny!

Thank goodness at least half of this sister duo is responsible. Well, okay, the other half - yours truly - has been responsible, just not in reporting progress. Or, in some cases, lack thereof.

Sarah relayed some time ago that we were still waiting to hear the results of the bankruptcy decision. After providing additional information to the assigned trustee’s boss, some of which made no sense, and waiting FOUR MONTHS after our appearance in bankruptcy court, we finally received our discharge papers.

The paralegal had assured me that no news was good news, and I eventually stopped worrying about the possibility that the bankruptcy would be denied because of some technicality. That might be one reason I still can’t fully comprehend that it’s over and that I no longer have to keep track of every receipt in anticipation of having to fork it over to someone who seemed to hold a grudge the day of our court appearance.

The result: the weight of the insane credit card obligations has been lifted, and while we could have also included hubby's medical bills, we never stopped paying those. We will now get back to the massive student loan debts for our kids (they are paying some themselves). That will hardly be a cakewalk, but I am relieved to be able to pay on them instead of plunking down insane interest-only payments on the credit cards, sinking further into the proverbial quicksand.

We have managed to start a savings account again; my immediate goal is to save up for next summer's two months without pay and hope nothing major gets in the way (I’m an optimist!). 

The minute the discharge became official, we began receiving myriad email 'offers,' thanks to our ‘improved credit score.’ Ha. I have no idea how low it went and have no plans to check on it in the future. We have no plans to procure another credit card.

While Dave Ramsey claims bankruptcy is horrific and should be avoided, sometimes it’s the only path left. As the other options we investigated petered out, bankruptcy was left standing alone. By the time the papers were ready to file, I firmly believed God hadn’t allowed any of the other avenues to work because not one would have allowed us to start ‘fresh’ (as fresh as a start can be with $$$$$ student loans). The relentless stress of figuring out payments and then humoring collectors far outweighed any stress of the bankruptcy... until we left the courthouse with no resolution in sight for 120+ days (it usually takes 10 minutes). Honestly, being able to unload our dilemma onto an expert and retain the attorney to stop the calls was the first stress-reliever I’d had in years.

So here we are, dedicated to keeping ourselves focused towards a debt-free life. Granted, it'll take a while. Meanwhile, kudos to all of you who have done such a fantastic job on your own with your debt-shrinking efforts, including my terrific sis! It’s most impressive, and I'm proud of all of you :)



  1. Welcome back, Jenny! So glad you finally got your discharge. I'll never forget waiting for mine - I didn't have to go through the drama that you did, but even the required 60 days seemed to last 100 years. I probably would have had a nervous breakdown!

    Congratulations on getting your freedom back - I can't wait to see what good things are in store. :)

  2. Welcome back! Glad to hear you are getting some respite and can now start putting your future back together. Best of luck on the roads ahead.

  3. Jenny, I'm so happy that you're getting a fresh start. I'm sure it feels like the weight of the world is lifted from your shoulders. Welcome back!

  4. glad to hear that it is now finalised, I imagine that it's lifted a huge stress from your shoulders and that can only be a good thing. Nice to hear from you - hope you'll keep posting updates :)

  5. Welcome back. So glad it is all behind you now. I pray your road is smooth now, but remember we are always here if you need us