Saturday, June 9, 2012

So much for the meal plan

Yesterday was a big day. My youngest graduated from high school (especially momentous because he wasn't expected to live to manage this accomplishment) and we threw a party. It was just family, but ended up being 20 mouths to feed. We decided on a cookout with kabobs and lots of sides - salads and chips and such - and a cookie cake for dessert. I bought a generous amount of meat, figuring we could eat leftovers this weekend as we recuperated from the excitement.

Yeah, well, that was a nice thought.

Those people ate every single morsel of meat and cleaned us out of the sides, too. All that's left is a slab of cookie cake and some chips. Guess it's a PB&J weekend for us - but a happy one still.



  1. What an awesome accomplishment for your Son you must be so thrilled and proud.

    Enjoy your cake and chips......

  2. Wow! Congrats to your son!! Ive never heard of a cookie cake but it sounds delicious!

  3. I would say it was worth every penny!!!! This is what life is about..the moments that take our breath away...and I am so happy for your family!!!

  4. Congratulations, on the graduation and the fact that you are a good cook!

  5. PB & J is a great trade-off for a great party...
    Congratulations to the graduate!!