Saturday, May 26, 2012

$30 was burning a hole in my pocket

That $30 I saved on the mattress earlier this week? I've been carrying it around all week thinking about what to do with it. Today, the decision was made. My 21-year-old, who lives at home while working two part-time jobs, has been doing some much needed landscaping in the back yard. It started at his Mother's Day present to me, and morphed into a good-sized project. He's been putting a lot of work - and quite a few dollars - into this. He has bought and installed pavers, bushes, mulch and some plants. I decided today that I really wanted some flowers out there, so he agreed to take me to the nursery in his truck and help me pick up a few things. I didn't go over the $30 budget and the pretty colors make me happy. I like being happy.

Happy Memorial Day to all!



  1. Nothing like a plant to brighten the world!

  2. Are you lending out this fabulous 21 year old ?????

  3. I think that was the perfect decision, especially when you have a nice young man to help you out! Cheers!