Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One-stop shopping

My big boy turns 21 next week. Sniff, sniff. He was such an adorable little guy. I wish I had believed everyone who told me those years would pass way too quickly. But I digress ...

We have a $50 budget for birthdays, but DS has not given a single clue as to what he might like to receive. When I don't get suggestions, it's off to the gift card rack I go. Younger DS had thought of a DVD he wanted to get for his big brother, so I agreed to trek to Target with him so he could make his purchase. While there, I passed the display of iTune cards. And right there in the middle was a pack of 4 cards of $15 each - $60 worth of tunes - priced at $51. I had no idea you could get gift cards for less than face value!

So that's what he's getting for his birthday. I came in $1 over budget and I can cross one more thing off my list.

Now I'm going to go enjoy this gorgeous day!



  1. Who knew about the discount gift cards?? Certainly not me! Will have to look closer next time :)

  2. Great idea. I will go get some of those for the studio. We use and miss-use I might add I-tunes constantly.

  3. Good job. I didnt know you could get discounted gift cards either. Great tip!

  4. I used to see iTune cards at that price at Costco but not lately. Bonus tracks!

  5. I bough my Daughter's birthday present today for her big day on Easter Sunday, she will be 37. Does'nt time get away from you.....

  6. Good ideas--I didn't know about the discounted gift cards.

    Ladies, I have given you a Liebster Blog Award over at my place. :)