Thursday, March 22, 2012

Updates, with a 'huh?'

Kudos to Sarah for such a substantial drop in the debt numbers this past year! It's not an easy task (understatement!) to face the mammoth task on a daily basis, but seeing the new numbers helps provide much-appreciated incentive to keep going. As does the encouragement you all provide!

I made the final payment to the bankruptcy attorney on Monday, so now we wait to hear if there's anything else he needs from us before he files it with the court. In pondering the possibility over the past year that we may have exhausted all other options, one of the points about bankruptcy that stuck to what was left of my brain was the necessity of providing the attorney with all financial info, as surprises were frowned upon. I took that literally, providing ours with as much detailed information as I could possibly unearth. There has been a lot. The paralegal, who has been instrumental in this process, gets a kick out of my attention to details. I told her I didn't want anyone to find out I'd neglected to include something, even inadvertently, and have the case tossed out!

Anyway, when I returned home, I opened our mail and DISCOVERed a little surprise. I'd received a 'replacement' credit card for an account that has been delinquent since the attorney's office instructed me to stop paying all credit cards over four months ago. HUH??? I don't know that I'll ever have the nerve to try to activate it. I've heard folks have procured credit cards fairly quickly after bankruptcy, but we're still in the process. Maybe it was the excellent credit we used to have....

On the bee front, we have picked up the materials for two beehives (paid for in cash) and will start assembling them this weekend after hubby wraps up bee class #2. The more I learn about bees, the more excited I get about this endeavor!

Overall, we have done a good job keeping track of our pennies. Actually, keeping them, period. Despite increasing medical bills for hubby and the $chool loan$ that hover over us, we feel like we're on the verge of an opportunity to get ourselves back on the right track. And we are thankful.

On that, happy spring to us all!



  1. Good job to Sarah! Every small drop should be celebrated... it's a step closer to the finish line!

    I'm not familiar with bankrupcies, but it is great that you're staying on top of that game as it develops. Hope everything goes well once the lawyer submits the paperwork.

  2. I have two bee hives in our back yard, but alas a farmer takes care of them. The honey is great! I wish you the best with the bankruptcy. Sometimes it is the only way to go.

  3. I've thought about having bees when I retire out east to PEI. I hope you'll post more about the process. You sound so positive about getting a fresh start and CUT UP THAT CARD LOL!!

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