Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 goals for 2012

OK, I promised new goals and following in the shoes of my fellow bloggers, I'm putting 12 out there. Here goes.

1. Smile more.

2. Count my blessings. Every. Day.

3. Pay for our part of daughter's wedding. In cash.

4. Make way too complicated cross-stitch Christmas stockings for same daughter and her groom as a wedding gift.

5. Follow Eboo's Dollar a Week Saving Plan in order to have a fully funded Christmas account come next buying season. I actually started this in November, since that's when I'll need it next. Total so far: $28.

6. Catch up on scrapbooking. That should keep me busy.

7. Lose 25 pounds. I made this #7 so it wouldn't be so scary.

8. Exercise. Some. Anything at all will be an improvement.

9. Continue to work on the grocery budget while eating healthier. See #7.

10. Be more positive about anything and everything. See #1.

11. End 2012 having shaved a minimum of $15,000 off our debt.

12. Keep praying. It's the only way to survive this life journey.

Happy New Year, friends. Let's make it the best one ever!



  1. Sounds like a perfect set of goals!

  2. Good goals! #5 reminded me that I should start saving for Christmas NOW instead of panicking in December! Also good luck on #11--that would rock if you can pay down that much!!

  3. Great goals, not too far out there. I am serious about the cheap(frugal) wedding info. Run your plans by me!

  4. Hello my lovely - frugal queen here! i'll follow your progress with interest - my email is if you want any super frugal budgetting help. Have you done a statement of affairs yet - have you put down all your incoming and all your out going monies? Look at all your spending, do you eat take outs? takeout coffee at work? where are you spending money? good luck froogs xxxx

  5. great goals! I feel you on catching up on scrapbooking! I am thinking of taking one day a week that I have nothing planned & setting aside a few hours while dh at work, dd at school to work on my scrapbook :)

  6. Great goals! You are part of my blessings! :)