Monday, January 2, 2012

12 goals for 2012, part 2

I'm determined to try to uphold my end of this blog better, so I've gotten together 12 goals as I see them today, though there are many more! As sisters, Sarah and I share several, so I've taken the liberty of swiping a few from her list :)

1. Count my blessings. Every. Day.

2. Declutter (that could be its own blog)!!!

3. Follow Eboo's Dollar a Week Saving Plan in order to have a fully funded Christmas account come next buying season.

4. Lose 40 pounds. I'd lost 29 before our daughter's wedding, then came football/holiday/stress pounds. 17 of 'em.

5. Exercise daily - treadmill or walk up our little mountain. A sit-up or two on occasion would be a nice touch.

6. Be creative with healthy, frugal meals.

7. Live more simply. We've never lived lavishly, but in a quest to reduce our heating bills (and be WARM for a change), we're preparing for a wood stove in order to take advantage of years' worth of wood on our property.

8. Take better advantage of our land (see #7) and look seriously into beehives this spring. Hubby had some as a kid, and we have a perfect setup for them. The new beekeeping supply shop in town is reasonable and knowledgeable, and since we've always preferred honey to processed sugar, this seems like a worthy investment.

9. Regarding debt, I'll have to update after the bankruptcy process has been completed and I see what's what, although I can probably go ahead and include Start repaying student loans again. And save for the two months of no summer paycheck.

10. Finish organizing photos and wrap up some old, relatively inexpensive projects (freeing up time and space for new ones).

11. Remove everything from the walls, paint, and put back only family photos and evidence of our daughter's photography skills.

12. Keep praying!

May the challenges of 2012 be easy to knock down for us all as we seek the light at the end of the $$$ tunnel!



  1. oh Jenny you will LOVE the wood stove! my BF's family have one and for a whole winter in Ontario Canada they spend maybe 500-600$ in oil! that's Oct., Nov, Jan, Feb, March and sometimes into April. And it's so nice to have a fire on and a book with snow and more snow coming down! As for the bee keeping I hope you let us know how it goes in great detail. It's one of the things I aspire to do when I own land of my own! I love honey and it is so good for you comp. to processed suger.

  2. Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals :)

  3. I like that Counting your blessings and Praying start and end your list. Cover by God, the best way to assure success. :)

    For your exercise goals - you can join in on my debt free dash!!! There's a tab on my blog explaining it and I will be posting an update this month sometime. :)

  4. Thanks, @ Michelle and @ Laura! I could have listed '2012 goals for 2012,' but even that wouldn't have included all of them :)

    Thanks for sharing about your BF's family's wood stove, @ Sarah! We've picked out a model that would allow some cooking on top if necessary, but if nothing else, I can keep my tea kettle fired up! We can't wait to see the oil truck drive right on by! And I'll report on any beekeeping activities; I'm eager to learn what else we can do on our land, like wind energy. We're about to blow away now in our steamy 13.1 degrees....

    @ Little Lamb, I can't imagine not including God in all things. I'm sure He's enjoying our respective roller coasters, don't you think?!? I'm headed over to check out your debt free dash before tackling the stacks of papers I need to organize for the attorney and CPA....

    Thanks to all for helping 2012 get off to a positive start!


  5. Love the goals, and can't wait to hear more about the bees - sounds fascinating!

  6. These are all great & achievable goals!! This is going to be a good year for you!! :)