Friday, September 30, 2011

So long, September!

I haven't much enjoyed this month, so October holds oodles of promise. I'm not going to add up the numbers for fear of pulling myself down and I want to keep going! I'll just hit the highlights worth celebrating:

* Enrolled Citi card account in a 5-year BLP at a 0% interest rate.

* Spent $523 on groceries. Close enough to my goal to call a win.

* Switched to a credit union. Looking forward to the day when everything clears and I can bid Wells Fargo farewell for good.

* Saw on one of DS's college apps that the application fee would be waived if signed by an alumni of the university. Found one of those real quick!

* Paid $3.36/gallon for gas today. Who would have thought that would ever be worth celebrating?



  1. I love my credit union, I was going to switch to Bank of America, but now I'm glad I didn't because of the $5 debit card fee! Ridiculous!

    And gas was $2.89 here the other day, now it's only $3.05, loving it!

  2. Wow, you are smoking. is gas really going down? Hope it hits here soon.

  3. Hmmmmmmm around here gas goes UP when the price of oil goes up and then when the price of oil goes down, the price of gas remains the same. What a scam!! I can't stand to look at the prices anymore. I just put the same amount of gas each time I go to the pumps but the needle in the gauge doesn't get as high anymore. Driving MUCH less!

  4. 523 on groceries! wow that's a lot LOL

    Gas was 3.15 here in Texas today... I'm hoping to see it under 3 soon.


  5. gas is still 3.43 in philly :( But you are really rolling. You will LOVE the Credit union


  6. In the UK, fuel is £1.50 a LITRE! SO about £10 a gallon or $20 a gallon! you've got it so good! but we drive cars that do 50 miles to the gallon