Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Don't faint - this is Jenny.

I didn't intend to post so soon after Sarah and her good news, but with the insane schedule I've had for the past few months, I'm popping in while I can. I can't believe it's been almost 4 months since I was here last! Jeepers.

Briefly, our daughter was married in a simple, fun wedding in June. We are VERY blessed that she acquired generous in-laws in the process!

Less than two days after our return from the wedding, the intensity of football got underway in the form of field house work and practice. The accompanying gas bills were - and still are - outrageous, with travel 7 days/week to school (60 miles one way) and picking up players from all over the spacious county for practice (an average of 45 extra miles a day). Our little car was 10 years old earlier this month and has over 350K miles on it. Whew.

We didn't qualify for the state program because the side businesses which I've handled for years are in DH's name. Even my caseworker thought it was nuts because we're married (my husband and I, not the caseworker and I), but despite my offer of proof that I've been the one in charge, the underwriter said nope. Believing that things work out for the best, I'm convinced that for some reason that program wasn't in our best interest, but it's a bummer at the moment.

So I've now contacted our credit union (you'll love the CU, Sarah!) and have been given a list of documents to dig up to see if they might have any 'mortgage assistance' programs for us. We're not behind on our mortgage, but freeing up some pennies would surely ease the delinquent accounts - 8 cards thru 5 different companies.

Speaking of... today I contacted all the credit card companies for which we don't yet have a plan in place. I wasn't looking forward to it because the amount I have to pay remains negligible, but I was reminded how nice the reps are, or at least seem to be. They've always thanked me for contacting them and trying. Of course, the balances will continue racking up until I can commit to a regular BLP, something I hope is possible with some help from the credit union.

On a positive note, fall has arrived here, and it is already gorgeous. We obviously have enough food to eat, and while we don't get enough time to enjoy our cozy bed, at least we have a cozy bed. As Sarah has mentioned before, we are blessed in many ways and know it.

While I haven't posted in a few eons, I have been zipping in and out and remain encouraged and inspired by your support for Sarah (well, us) and your own stories of determination and success. It's so much more fun - if you can call it that! - to do this with friends :)



  1. I was just thinking about how much I appreciate the support of this blogging network, how we encourage each other and back up each other's decisions. It really makes a huge difference and I don't feel so isolated. And then I read your post and feel reaffirmed:)

  2. It's nice to see you again and it's good to see despite everything you both are in upbeat moods and counting the blessings you have :)

  3. Hold it, hold it, oh my head I think I bumped it falling down (I might have fainted). Good to hear from you. I wish there was some way for you to set up a plan, but keep working at it eventually they will see that you mean business and do something to help.

  4. Glad to hear from you. I thought maybe you ran away with the band after the wedding! Lol!

    There are lots of us readers here waiting when you need us. Besides, if you really have something you need to share, I'm sure Sarah will tell us for you, if you need her to. :)

  5. I agree completely, Jane! Glad the post was good for something :)

    Rafiki, I know better than to overlook the blessings, though sometimes I have to remind myself that they sometimes come in unexpected packages!

    Sorry about your head, Out My Window, but I imagine Sarah was right there with you :)

    Antie Eboo, if it hadn't been for the heat/humidity and expense, I might have STAYED after the wedding! It was so much fun, and we are all blessed that the families get along well. I do appreciate the support so easily shared among all and have confidence that Sarah is much more on the ball than her big sis :)


  6. Good for you on making those steps - that is huge :)