Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes, the little guy prevails

Way back in April, I wrote about my not-so-fun trip to buy DS some eyeglasses. Those glasses that I had to pay $400 out of pocket for? What I haven't written about is all the fun I've had since with those glasses.

Within days after bringing them home, they were slipping off DS's nose. And given that he is physically unable to push them back up on his own, this was just as annoying to me as it was to him. So we headed back to the office to have them fitted. And we went back a week later. And another time after that.

I took him back four times to have those frames adjusted so they would stay on his face. And four times the fitting failed. Earlier this month, I had reached my limit and I remembered that when I bought the frames I was told they come with a one-year warranty. So I went back yet again with the intention of using that warranty and trading the frames for ones that properly fit.

I can be so naive.

The very nice woman said that the warranty doesn't apply because the problem is DS's nose. Now, DS has a whole lot of things wrong with him, but his nose is perfectly normal, thank you very much. When I pushed the issue, she says "he has oily skin." Uh, do you know a teenager without oily skin? She then looks at DS and says "Your mom seems frustrated." You think??

Having gotten nowhere, I went home and started researching. I came up with the address for the manufacturer, whom I contacted. It's the provider's problem, I was told. So I searched for the address of the corporate headquarters for the provider. Found a name and wrote a letter. A long one.

Four days later my phone rings. It's the provider saying they would be more than happy to replace DS's glasses at no cost. Imagine that. So we've chosen a few styles from the book and they are being ordered so DS can see them in person before we decide. Cost is not factoring into this decision. We are to pick any frames we want.

The lesson here is to speak up for what you know is right. Don't quit with the first refusal and insist the companies stand behind their products. We, the consumers, deserve to be satisfied.



  1. Bravo! I' not sure what I would have done. probably asked why they didn't warn me about not suitable for oily skin. That really was a poor excuse

  2. Issues like that are why I've starting buying glasses online. Not sure what prescription your son needs, but my son's last pair only cost me $17. (Mine are quite a bit more expensive, but I still only paid around $90 vs. $450 for the last pair from my eye doctor's office).

    It's ridiculous that everyone would work harder to pass the buck than to just replace the darn glasses!

  3. Good for you!! I can't believe they blamed DS. Get him a rockin' new pair!

  4. You must be proactive when it comes to this. I remember how mad I was at that office and I now am angry at their nonchalant way of treating the problem. I would think about changing Doctors.

  5. I should BE so tough. I've always been a wimp and walked away from that sort of situation. Good for you - you are an example to us all!

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    Thanks, Makky's Mom (Milestones)