Monday, July 18, 2011


I spent the weekend helping my sister (not Jenny - our other sister) move. Her marriage has ended and because her ex is not providing child support, she had to sell the house and move to an apartment with her two children.

I realized while unpacking boxes that she has been medicating herself for quite awhile with "stuff." I had already put sheets on the three beds when I went to tackle the linen closet. I folded 31 pillowcases. Thirty-one. There were enough towels to open a small boutique. And I do believe her kitchen tools could outfit several kitchens. When I asked her what a particular item was and she couldn't tell me, I knew there was a problem. We talked a bit and she agreed to start a box for things that were really not necessary. A friend of hers is having a yard sale next weekend and she will send it there.

The result of my being surrounded by so much stuff, was that I came home in a mood to purge. After 25+ years of marriage, we do have a lot, but clutter makes me crazy (I have some OCD tendencies), so it's not out of control. But every time I decide to clear out, I find plenty that needs to go. Today was no exception. I cleaned out some shelves and organized some things. And as always, it made me feel better.

Why is it that we have so much stuff? Life would be so much simpler if we stuck to what we need and what we love.



  1. I agree. I would be happy with less stuff and a smaller place, smaller yard and closer to work.

  2. Isn't that the truth. Remember the movie "the God's must be Crazy" Hilarious, but thought provoking.

  3. need & love - couldn't agree more ~ sorry about your sister

  4. One thing I have learned to do while out & about is to pick up a thingy, turn it around in my hands, and say what I like about it. ie: it's super cute, I love the colour, etc. then I put it back down. I'm learning that because I like how something looks isn't the equivalent of needing to own it.