Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I hate our hot water heater

I took a cold shower this morning - not on purpose. And then I checked the water heater. Pilot light out. I followed the instructions to re-light it. Nada.

I do not have a good relationship with this water heater. We bought it in 2003 and have poured a couple hundred dollars in repairs into it since. I just called the repair service I use because they're honest, priced fairly and quick. They no longer deal with hot water heaters, I was told. Too time-consuming. I hate the thought of calling someone I don't know anything about. I hate the thought of what this might cost.

I would love nothing more than to ditch this monster and have a tankless unit installed. But I can't afford it. One of the many, many reasons I hate being in debt.



  1. Sears! I think you should call Sears. DO you belong to a church. Every church has an old guy that tinkers. We have one and he is retired and works on the side for pennies on the dollar just to get out of the house? I am sorry, but you do need hot water.

  2. Kim, I hadn't thought about asking around at church to see if anyone knows how to fix it. I'm going to put the word out now - thanks!

  3. I want a tankless water heater when I replace my old one. It will have to be electric (no gas at my house) and that requires an electrician to install... so it probably will cost an arm and a leg. But it is what I want.

    The old one is rusted around the base so I fear it might not last too much longer.

  4. is your dh good at fixing things? when our pilot light went out on ours & wouldn't go back on - he checked youtube & called the company that made the heater - they sent him a part that he needed to fix it for free & he watched a youtube video on how to do it - it is worth a shot ? Good Luck