Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I fell for the spiel

Since coming home from Florida, I've stayed home - a lot. I'm fine with this. I can find plenty to do at home and am thrilled to be out of the car since I spend so much time there during the school year. My son has been really great about it. He is physically disabled and limited in what he can do, so I know there is the potential for great boredom. But he's busied himself reading and writing and catching up on movies. He loves to swim and we have free access to a pool in my mom's community, but I can't lift him in and out so that's a weekend activity when DH is home.

So I was feeling a little guilty (not much, just enough ...) yesterday when I got an email from Zaxby's that today is repeat day at our local restaurant. I had no idea what that was, so I kept reading. Seems if we go eat there today, we can take our receipt back next week and get the exact same meal(s) for free. I know it's a BOGO in reality, but I admit that they hooked me. We're going to head over there for lunch and then I'm going to hand the receipt to the hubby and he and the boy can go for lunch after church on Sunday. A double win for me, since I don't have to cook then either!

In my ongoing attempt to rationalize any purchase, I reasoned that the price of a fast-food meal was more than offset by the gas I haven't bought by staying home. Sometimes you just have to live a little, right? OK, so doing that is part of what got me into this mess, but baby steps. Baby steps.



  1. What a great deal! I sometimes have to rationalize purchases, but I think sometimes you have to realize what is gained in a non-financial sense. You get to spend time with your son, and in turn so does your DH. I think that is worth spending a bit of money. Have fun!

  2. I think that is a cool and fair rationalization. Like you said, you have to live a little. It's alright to go for a treat. It's only bad if you make it a habit and you won't and if you felt the need to slip. You have a great support system in us.

  3. I totally agree with the two smart folks above me! Getting out of debt should NOT mean putting your ENTIRE life on hold. Have Life! Savor the moments like those as special time.. that's what you're working so hard for anyway, isn't it? To Have a Life you love? Keep up the good work, and I hope everyone enjoys their meals!

  4. I think this is a great deal. But that's probably because I love that place and would eat there more often if it wasn't so bad for my weight and wallet (I never fail to spend more than I originally intended when eating there).

    I should sign up on their website so they'd send my free stuff (or at least notices about stuff like this) once in a while.