Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jenny Update

In addition having zero time right now, I have been unable to log in for a few days. Being a technical dunce, I have no idea how that happened, but I came through the back door and found myself here :)

Briefly, I received word from the home office regarding the mortgage foreclosure prevention program that they have ALL the paperwork they need. WHEW. And since I heard from them in less than two weeks, I'm hoping the review process will be equally speedy. And that it's positive, of course!

We have another BLP in place! Only eight to go, and if we can get the 'program,' we should be able to wrap those up. Surely. Of course, we're looking at a month of no paycheck in July on top of etc., etc., etc.

Our daughter is getting married later this month, and we are preparing most of the food (not paying for most of it, just preparing)... and that includes the wedding cake. Hubby and I were out on errands last weekend and noticed that our CPA was having a little sale in front of her office. We stopped just to say hi and walked away with a variety of cake pans, including those for wedding cakes, valued at @ $75... for $7.

I am pretty sure I've found a top to wear with my Goodwill pants for the wedding! It didn't come from a thrift place (not that I haven't tried in three towns), but whatever I end up with out of what I brought home to try was on sale and can be worn again. And the shoes - 'dressy' Crocs (beach wedding) - were on sale with an additional markdown for having a coupon code!

I wish we had a Chick-Fil-A closer than 30 miles, or I would have cashed in on Sarah's tip!

Hope everyone is staying cool!!!


PS - Learned about Man vs. Debt this morning :)

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  1. Keep up the hope Jenny and keep striving for what you want.

    Best wishes towards the wedding