Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It pays to check the bill

I'm still unpacking from our trip and I came across the hotel bill this morning. It was slid under the door on our departure day and DH just picked it up and dropped it in the suitcase. When I finally looked at it, I realized that the room rate was not right. My stomach fell, because I was worried that what's done might be done and I might be out of luck.

But I called anyway. Turns out the person at the front desk had put an extra adult in each of our two rooms - and with that came a $25 charge per room per day. That was a whopping $200 mistakenly added to our bill! And if I hadn't looked, we would have paid it. Thankfully, the hotel immediately took the charge off (well, he said he would - I'm going to have to keep watch on that, too).

Sure am glad I looked at that bill.



  1. I always check all my receipts. Grocery stores are the worst! Good for you!

  2. Ack!! That's a big difference too! Glad you caught that!

  3. To bad that you feel like you fell off the wagon this month. The important thing is you have plans to get back on the wagon next month.