Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Updates from Jenny

After a 90-minute phone interview last week to provide numbers, info, more numbers, and more info for the next round of the NC Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program, I delivered a bundle of papers to the office yesterday that was so high, I had to transport it in a box. That was a lotta numbers and a lotta info, but if that's what it takes, I'll play.

The 'intake counselor' was on her way out for the week but checked what I'd brought. She'll make copies of everything and be ready to go when I return Monday with signed forms and a re-do of one of the items. Once that's complete, my packet will be shipped to the head office for consideration. As she said it could take up to two months to hear anything, I'm hoping my packet arrives in during a lull of some sort on a really, really good day.

So now I get to return to the fun of chatting with credit card folks. I feel considerably better being able to report progress in the NCMFPP process, but I'm pretty sure my optimism alone will fail to bring smiles to their faces.

* * * * *

Once I unloaded the forms in the big city (ha) 30 miles away, I renewed my mission to find something to wear to our daughter's wedding next month. It's not a fancy wedding, but it's going to be on the beach and hot; since where we live doesn't get hot enough to warrant too much in the way of 'hot' clothes, I needed something to avoid melting into a big puddle. My first stop was Goodwill, where I found five nice items of clothing, all great for the wedding week and beyond, for $20.20. A pack of much-needed hangers I grabbed turned out to be free!

Feeling smug, I then hit Kmart (nothing), Penney's (nothing), and Belk, where I collected a dressing room full of possibilities for The Outfit, all on sale. In the end, though, I bought NOTHING. I felt confident that I could make do with something there for less than an arm and a leg if necessary, but I've got two more thrift shops and a couple of consignment shops to hit first.

* * * * *

My last stop was Earth Fare, where I cashed in on my free dinner for signing up for coupons and spending $10 (not difficult). Most of what I bought was on sale, with the exception of a few boxes of different kinds of oatmeal packets (including Chai Spiced and Dark Chocolate) to send to our overworked daughter five hours away. She's in the process of moving, holding down two jobs, and planning a wedding - at 21! She's doing an amazing job, so I was happy to see something that might simplify a few minutes for her.

Anyway, the coupon dinner was an uncooked whole free-range chicken (the option was veggie patties), organic baby carrots, and 'rustic mashed potatoes' from the deli. They were out of the potatoes, so I chose the best slaw we've ever eaten. The entire meal cost about $20, so if you have an Earth Fare in the neighborhood, check it out!

And that's that.


PS to Little Lamb and her group hug on Sarah's last post - I agree that this is a network of fast friends ready to cheer each other for glimmers of progress as well as discouragement. Thanks to all!


  1. Nice on the free dinner. Everything adds up. Good luck finding something to wear to your daughter's wedding.

  2. Glad to hear things are moving forward with your application and that you are still figuring out ways to kick this debt to the curb! Hope the wedding wear shopping turns up something amazing for an amazing price! Hugs!

  3. I hope everything goes well and you catch them on a really really slow day :)


  4. I usually do quite well looking for things at thrift shops - I estimate over half of my clothes are from thrift shops (bought some "new" jeans there the other day :) Good luck in your quest!