Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Triple coupon day

It's triple coupon week at Harris Teeter, something that only happens once or twice a year. I almost never shop there because it's so expensive, but with some careful coupon matching when they offer triples it's worth a visit to the store.

I always take my time, because some of their items are marked up so high that even with triple coupons, I'm paying more than I usually would. Anyway, I stocked up on some condiments that were almost free, picked up some turkey bacon for $1.74 and a couple of other goodies. I had three items that were just on sale - I didn't have a coupon to add.

My total before coupons: $42.28. But I paid $17.63, with tax. Not too bad for what I got.

Then I stopped for gas and the price had dropped to $3.70 a gallon. I can't believe I felt like I was getting a deal.

All in all, a pretty successful morning. I'm looking forward to updating my ticker on Friday after I pay some bills. ... Yes, I am becoming obsessed ... er ... gazelle.



  1. Great Job!! Gas is down to 3.94 today and I thought that was a bargain to..sigh.

    We are off to the super walmart tonight just to pick up a few things but I have my coupons just in case


  2. Gas here (I'm in Canada) is approx $4.90 a gallon or higher.

  3. I love saving money on things that I was going to get anyways!

    It is hard to wait to do the adjustments to the bars/tickers isn't it? I really look forward to paying off debt too.

    Keep it going!

  4. Great with the intensity, when you are like this it makes it easier for me to stay intense. Keep up the good work!

  5. Triple coupons?!? Wow, that would be so cool! Nothing good like that happens here in Canada, at least not that I've heard. You did great!

  6. i am so jealous that you live close neough to a harris teeter to shop there, especially with the triple coupons! the closest one to us is almost 2 hours away. i suspect my grocery budget would be out of control if it were closer.