Monday, May 9, 2011

Time to act like a grown-up

It's easy for me to get down about our finances. I mean, really, just look at my ticker. Adding to the constant clench in my stomach about the bills is the fact that DS2's health is not good (he is chronically ill) and, honestly, we don't know what each day will bring there.

So sometimes, when I'm feeling really sorry for myself, I tell me that I have a right to be down. I mean, life has not been very fair to me or Jenny (her son had the same illness as my DS).

But then I tell myself to put on my big-girl panties and buck up. I was speaking with a friend yesterday who was moaning about her own finances. How they were barely making it. How her husband's car was nearly ready to go to that great auto graveyard. She sighed, and then said it sure was a good thing her parents were paying for her kid's tuition at a private college. And she was so glad she got to spend her daughter's last spring break of high school with her in Italy, even though they really couldn't afford it. Oh well, she said, DH is going to the bank tomorrow to see how much is left on the home equity line.

Wow. I realized how much my thinking had changed as I listened to her speak. She and I are the same age and I suspect her debt totals are as bad - if not worse - than mine. The difference is that I now have a plan. And even though it's going to take what seems like forever, I am going to dig out of this quicksand. I will get traction and life will get better. Financially speaking, anyway.

On another subject, I didn't get much out of writing down a weekly menu. I use what I've got and don't go buy just for that night's meal, so it's mostly what I'm in the mood for. (Anybody else wonder what it's like not to have a say in what you're going to eat every single night? Thankfully, DH doesn't much care - he just eats :)

Tonight's offerings:
  • Grilled london broil (bought on a half-price sale)
  • baked potatoes
  • black bean salad.
Wow, this was a rambling post. What can I say? It's Monday.



  1. One day at a time. Try to stay positive :) I agree with you that sometimes hearing how someone else is doing kinda puts it all in perspective. Like you said, at least you've got a plan. You are actively working on things. As you said, you WILL get traction and things WILL get better. Rome wasn't built in a day :)

  2. I love rambling, my life is rambling, usually to a classical ballet score but rambling none the less. You know we all have had hard lives, no one gets to come here unscathed. We just think they do. I have had children die, had one daughter go into a coma with toxic shock (she will live with the side affects for life), I have a deadly form of a crippling disease, a husband that is deaf,among other horrors, but the debt although all of these things contributed to it was brought on by my inability to manage myself. I also have a wonderful, talented husband, three quite brilliant daughters and a lot of drive. When I feel down I just realize that everyone has trauma and mine just ain't so bad. You and I are going to get out of debt. We can't control many of lifes bad things but we can control how we react to them. Each day that we don't debt and even if we just pay the minimum we are making progress!

  3. I understand about your shift in thinking. I myself am there as well. There is a girl I work with who has about 10 grand less in student debt than I, but is living it up large, instead of paying it down. I can't relate to her as much as I would like to; since she is an interesting person and one of the few ppl close to me in age at work. Look on the bright side, your in much better shape than your friend is and I often relish that feeling... keeps me going!

  4. I'm just sending out a huge group hug to all! Although we really don't know each other at all you have certainly become friends. I'm cheering for you and I know you will do this!

  5. This will sound strange but nothing is wrong with feeling down for a bit. The thing is not to stay there. It's alright to feel sad sometimes. Use it as a reminder and a motivator to keep going. Don't dwell on being down for too long. Pick your chin up after a little bit and aim for the stars. Keep at it Sarah. Life will get better.

  6. Stay positive Sarah, you're on the right path...and have a plan, which really helps to keep focused. :)

  7. You have a plan and that is the key difference between you and your friend. I have a friend who is always complaining about money and its sometimes hard to listen to her when I know that she could change things. Hang in there.