Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gold Stash

Thanks to Sarah, I learned about Gold Stash, recommended by Dave Ramsey. And Sarah.

When I stopped by a local jewelry shop to see about a band for our daughter's fiance, I was told that it would be much cheaper if I brought in the gold. Naively, I asked where I was supposed to get the gold. From your old jewelry, the gal replied.

Fantastic! I remembered Sarah and her success selling her old jewelry some time back, so I began digging up whatever looked gold to offer for the wedding band.

When our daughter and her fiance accompanied me and my collection of assorted rings and a college charm, the owner told me I could get a lot more for the gold if I just sold it. And then she asked if using our gold for our new son's band was for sentimental reasons. Very definitely.

The band is beautiful (and 1/4 of the cost of a new one), and there were two ring bands left over. I'm holding onto them and a few other things to see if our son might be interested in doing something similar when he finds his perfect mate. He liked the idea.

Meanwhile, I dug through more old jewelry and some coins and shipped off a batch to Gold Stash today. I found an advertisement that they'd add $100 to a batch worth $250, and a representative emailed with a coupon worth another 10% 'extra' if I mailed it off today.

I have no idea of the value of my treasures, but whatever it is, it's more than I had before I dropped it into the FedEx box.

I'll report when I hear something!



  1. Does the gold have to be a certain number of karats? or do they take anything? I have a couple of wedding bands no longer in use (that's a long story)and wonder how much they would fetch?

  2. Jane, they seem to accept a wide variety of items (broken is fine) and if they can't use it, they say they'll return it. Here's the link to what they'll buy -

    They send a FedEx Express shipping label and an inventory sheet, and you can choose to have them deposit a check or mail one to you. They say it takes about 14 days from when they receive your items. I know Sarah was impressed with the speed and amount.

    I had tried to find a reputable 'local' place to take coins, etc., but the more I read, the more confused I got. I have zero clue when it comes to the value of gold and old coins; we don't have much of either, but I certainly wanted to get the most possible from them!

    Hope that helps!


    PS - Sounds like there is a story for sure behind those wedding bands. Maybe a country song!

  3. Wish you luck but once you get back a return for unwanted items, you still gain in the end.

  4. You're right, Rafiki!

    And, Jane, I just looked on the Gold Stash site, and it looks like that '14 days' should have read '48 hours,' at least if they deposit directly.

    Woo hoo!